Thursday, May 1, 2014

walk the line

Being a Thursday, it was inevitable that I see Jess. Thursdays are kinda our day. In previous weeks we'd spend our days at Cabra library catching up on lectures or completing assignments but today was a change. A nice change at that. We traded the quiet building filled with new books smell for the greater outdoors. Of course we had no idea as to where we were gonna go at first but after a quick breakfast at Maccas, we ventured out to an area known as Little Bay. At first I was scared that we were lost and in trouble for a few reasons:
  • The road was deserted
  • It went on for what felt like 39 years
  • Gunshots could be heard 
  • Refer to above: gunshots are never a good sign
Eventually, we found a car park and hopped off and walked until we were faced with the blue ocean. I've seen some pretty awesome scenes at Garie Beach but this was about up to par. We climbed down a few steps of rock (careful not to fall off the cliff edge) and took in as much of the view as we could. A view like this doesn't end up without it's 5 minutes of fame on Instagram so of course we had to take pictures. Fast forward 248 photos later there we were walking to another section of the cliff to see if we could get a better view. By now we had a middle-aged Japanese lady wearing high heels following us. When we reached another cliff edge, we got scared that the lady was going to attempt to push us down the cliff so we hurriedly headed back the other direction. When she saw us turn she tried to communicate with us in Japanese but we no understand. Jess even said to her, 'Vietnamese? Chinese? Korean?' and she just shook her head. 

Later on we drove to a little beach/look out area where we could see planes take off from the airport and it was and wasn't too impressive at the same time. The impressive factor of it was us being able to be so near the planes and the not-so-impressive was the beach. I don't even think it was a beach but if it had sand and water, I guess it makes the cut. Also it was here where we saw an old couple bring a picnic mat out of their car and towards the beach and Jess thought they were gonna get kinky. But no it didn't happen in case you were wondering. 

Finally our last stop was Kurnell. The water was cold and calm. At first, I felt hesitant swimming in it because it was too damn cold but on we must! We counted to three and dunked our bodies in. There was this funny thing that Jess did with her legs that I'm not sure I can describe right but here goes anyway. So you know how water tends to refract images? Well from my view, Jess was doing this weird-ass dance with her body and all I could see was her head attached to her legs. I guess this description didn't do it justice but it was a you-had-to-be-there moment! Eventually we had to leave for me to get to work in time for my coffee training. But I had a pretty good day :) how was yours?

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