Tuesday, April 29, 2014

drugs are fun

Yesterday I skipped my morning lecture because morning lectures just aren't for me... but had to go to uni for my 4 hour pharmacology lab. By the time I got to the entrance of uni from Redfern station I was hungry and sweating a great deal (so unfit) so I went and bought a toasted banana bread and lime flavoured water. No ragrets. I had 20ish minutes to spare so I chilled in the shade in front of this oval with my food. 

After weeks of having labs in the newest building in Uni, I'm still not used to how advanced all the technology and equipment are. But anyway, lab went okay. We were 'finding the unknown' today and my oh my, it was so repetitive. We basically spent 4 hours pipetting diluted solutions into an organ bath containing a guinea pig ileum to watch it contract (basically playing around with drugs for those of you who don't do science). At the end of lab, we were expected to be able to determine which unknown solution was which drug. Since lab was so long and tedious, my group made a bet to see who can guess the drugs right. Instead of betting with money, we decided to bet facebook statuses i.e whoever wins gets to come up with an embarrassing status for the other two. However, we all lost LOL.

A half eaten banana bread placed in front of my other belongings placed in front of the sports oval in effort to make it look like I was having a cool relaxing lunch.

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