Sunday, May 25, 2014

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I'm so excited. There's so many things to be excited about in the times to come. But sadly I have to get through the last two weeks of uni and exams before any of it can happen. I can't wait to finally party again, I can't wait to sleep in everyday and I can't wait to do fun things. Ugh!!

I've never enjoyed eating breakfast much. That's probably because I'm not much of a morning person. I guess when I wake up, my mind's still sleepy and my stomach's still sleepy so I just can't stomach anything. But this is a good thing! I've been going out for brunch quite a bit recently and I'm liking it. I love exploring new cafes and restaurants and seeing pretty food (fun for me and fun for my instagram). I've been to Circa in Parramatta, Mad Spuds Cafe in Surry Hills and Milk Bar in Newtown just to name a few but there are heaps more on my list of places to try.

The other night after a dinner party, Jess drove me, Cynthia and Collin to Little Bay. This is the place where me and Jess took the photos of us standing on the edge of a cliff. Super pretty in the day time but a whole new experience in the night time. I felt scared just walking around in the dark. Thank God we had flash lights on our phone. It was a nice feeling when we all laid down flat on our backs on the cliff and just stared up at the stars. I never really give enough attention to stars. We tried taking pictures of the stars, the ocean and the cliff but of course all we ended up with was pitch black nothingness. I'm definitely going there again in the holidays but with warmer clothes.

I'm sorry this post is all jumbled up. Jess has been bugging me to blog for a while so HERE YA GO

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