Sunday, May 4, 2014

nothing new

I thought blogging daily would be an easy goal but wow, I am so wrong. I was on a roll for the first two days of the month (such an achievement) but then I was bombarded with work, assignments and parties yesterday so blogging wasn't an option. To make up for my missed blog yesterday, I'll use this post to recount a bit of my day.

Work was okay. It wasn't very busy but we still had a great amount of customers. There were about 5 parties on during the whole day and normally when there are parties, we offer the party parents the opportunity to open up a food and drinks tab for their family/friends and that is exactly what two of the parties did. They each ordered at least 50 coffees throughout the whole day as well as food platters and in the end, their total payment ended up around $1000. And not only that, they had to pay for the party package which goes up to around $300. Honestly, I think that's a shitload of money to spend on your kid's 5th birthday. I mean when I was 5, I was lucky if I had a birthday cake...

After work I had around 3 hours to do as much of my report and essay as I could before I showered and got ready for Tian's birthday dinner. Let's just say those 3 hours went by very fast and not much was done in that time :( Eventually I headed out for dinner and it was fun! The food was great but a bit on the pricey side and it was nice to see everyone again. Happy birthday again Tian!

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