Saturday, April 12, 2014

a few messages

I just read Cynthia's latest post and decided to challenge myself to see how many I could guess right. I surprised both me and her by correctly guessing 6 or 7 of them (i know you gurl). Now she wants me to post some up to see how she goes. Mind you, I'm supposed to be doing my report for pharmacology but yolo.

Last year during the first semester of uni, I felt sort of depressed. I felt like I lost you as a friend but over time I realised how silly that was. I learnt that it's possible to be friends with someone even though you hardly see each other or hardly talk. The only thing that mattered was how we were in the times that we did see each other. I'm glad that we're still the same as we were in high school because you make up the crazy in my life.

I love going on adventures with you. We weren't ever that close but over Summer, things changed. I was going to say that I see you as my taxi but then I realised how bad that sounded so instead, I see you as my Diego (I want to be Dora cos I'm cute). I love how spontaneous and carefree you can be and how it's starting to rub onto me.

I don't know how a person can seem so relaxed yet hardworking at the same time. You seem to know the secret and I would like to know. You're pretty ambitious in the sense that you aren't afraid to go out there and grab what you want. I admire that and wish I was more like you. Also, it's like you've transformed since high school and bloomed into some sort of party animal. That, I also like.

This one's an obvious one. I just want to thank you for being my person. I don't know what my life would be like in this instance if I didn't have you. Probably more lonely, more stressful and more boring. I like that you accept me for who I am and no matter how gross and stupid I can be sometimes, you still put up with me. I love you!

Like Cynthia mentioned, I hope that you'll one day realise that holding things back doesn't do you any favours. It's better to say and do whatever you want to say and do. Just have fun in life! However, I love how trustworthy and loyal you are. I'm glad I have someone like you around me. I know you've said we don't talk as much recently but just know that you still have me.

Sometimes the things you say are so random that I just don't know how to reply to them so I don't. I'm sorry when that happens. Other times though, I wish you wouldn't stress so much because when you do, you tend to want to give up on things that you've worked so hard on. I feel like you need to fix that habit in order to go further in the things you plan to accomplish.

Please stop dressing so nicely at uni. Compared to you, I feel like I'm in my PJs even though I tried so hard to put together an outfit.

I know where your secret stash of coke is. You can hide it from me but it won't be enough to keep me away from it! P.S I already drank some tonight.

I miss having lectures and breaks with you. Our talks were intimate and interesting. I hope you're doing well and not falling asleep in lectures like you used to!

We were an unlikely bunch but we had fun on those nights we spent together. That one time we travelled to a beach only to end up playing card games in the shade was one of my favourite days of Summer.

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