Friday, April 25, 2014

too much beer

Normally when I go out to eat I tend to stick with cuisines that I'm more familiar with like Thai and Chinese per se. So I guess you can say that I'm not someone curious enough about food to actively want to broaden my food palette. However, the other night I had a chance to venture into the world of European food. This was at a friend's birthday dinner. The restaurant was situated in a cute little area known as Glebe that's just right next to the City but one that I've never explored. Looking at the menu was hard. There was quite a bit to choose from but in the end I settled for the Steak and Pork Rib Combo. I loved every bit of it. The only part that I didn't finish was the salad. Accompanying our dinner was glasses and glasses of alcoholic beverages, beer and cider to be precise. Overall, the night was an enjoyable one and I'm happy to have experienced it (although I wouldn't say steak and ribs was adventurous enough but there's always a next time!).

Steak and Pork Rib Combo: Chargrilled Angus Rump Steak, Pork Rib & Prawn Twister served with Steamed Vegetable, Roasted Potato & Gravy.

 The birthday girl and her gang.
Bottles and glasses of beer and cider scattered around the table.

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