Thursday, August 25, 2016

I'm still alive

Wow it's been a year since I last posted!

Life hasn't changed a lot since I last posted tbh.. I'm still feeling chill and not stressing as much as I should be over assignments and tests. This is my last semester at uni as well, which is quite daunting actually. I'm not sure what the future holds for me but I am a little bit excited. I recently applied for a graduate program and I've progressed to the third stage out of four so far. I'm talking about 3.5 hours of interview, group activity and written assessments. I have a feeling this stage is where I'll bomb out but still gotta try my best!

I've been watching some of the videos I took from my trip in Japan and Korea and holy shit I miss it so much. Travelling with friends is so different to travelling with my family. Normally when we go to a country other than my parent's home country (Vietnam), we'd be on a chinese speaking tour... which sucks for me because I probably understand 18% of everything they say. Tours have their own perks and stuff but I think I enjoy the freedom of not being on a tour more. Travelling with the girls was amazing albeit stressful at times. BUT I do blame some of that stress on the heat we had to endure while in those countries. My god, I did not expect Japan or Korea to be so hot!! There was one day where I was wearing denim shorts and we were walking around the whole day so I was sweating heaps and because of that (tmi), I developed a rash on my inner thighs, which hurt like a motherfucker.

I'm also stuck in a dilemma atm. I'm trying to decide what to use my money on. It's either I finally buy a car or I go to Japan and Korea again in December. I really want both tbh. I guess the choice is quite simple. I've wanted a car for ages and if I were to get a job next year, having a car is pretty much a must. But at the same time I have a feeling the upcoming holidays will be my last big holiday for me to travel and have fun. Some people might find it silly that I'd wanna travel to the same countries again in the same year but honestly, I enjoyed it heaps. Plus it'll be winter in those countries in December so I reckon it'll be a whole new experience seeing as it actually snows there. Even though I'm not a winter/cold person .........

Why is money always such an issue?

To people who say money can't buy happiness.. I think you're wrong.. to a certain extent. Although just being with friends and family can bring you happiness, I feel like money allows you to experience more. You don't have to necessarily use that money to purchase materialistic things because those only bring you temporary happiness but rather, I'd say it's more wise to use that money on experiences. Anyone who has traveled would agree. It's been a month since I've been back from that trip and 5 months since I've been back from my other trip to Vietnam and Taiwan and I'm still reeling from the happiness and memories from them.

Anyways, I've missed you guys!

p.s i need to lose weight