Saturday, June 7, 2014

happiness is a choice

I've been pretty happy lately and I can honestly say that I feel as though every aspect of my life has been treating me well. Either something good has happened or is happening at the moment and I just want this feeling of euphoria to last forever.

  1. I joined the gym two weeks ago and I definitely don't regret it. I remember I used to contemplate joining the gym but always deciding against it because I was too intimidated and self-conscious to work out in front of other people. That and the fact that joining a gym requires at least one year of commitment and I wasn't sure I could do it. But Jess reassured me and eventually, Maria joined too. This made me feel better and I actually really enjoy working out with them. I always look forward to our sessions and who knows.. maybe one day we'll be the female equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenneger (maybe not).
  2. I recently got my result back for one of my biology final reports. I got a high distinction. Naturally, I'm over the moon. But another reason why I'm so happy and proud of my mark was because when we first got the assignment, the lecturer told us that it was very rare to be able to get a high mark and that most people will land on a pass or credit. So... yay me!
  3. The uni semester is almost over! Classes are over for me now and I have 2 weeks before my first exam. I'm going to make the most of these next two weeks and hopefully study my ass off.
  4. I got a little pay rise from work.
  5. I recently celebrated my two years with Kenny. It's a very proud moment for me especially because I never imagined being in a relationship this long at the age that I am.
  6. Um, I don't know what else but I'm just so happy right now.
How have y'all been?

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